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Meaning of Rings for Different Fingers


As much as we love rose gold rings, many of us wear them very carelessly. If only we knew that these simple thin rings could tell a lot about who we are. There’re so many beautiful finger ring sets but it’ll be wise to know on what finger to wear them. This post will teach you the meaning of rings for different fingers.(Learn More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_(jewellery))

What are the rules governing wearing rose gold rings?

Before talking about what wearing rings on each finger means, it is wise to check out the general jewelry rules. In case you didn’t know, there are a set of rules that govern wearing jewelry. Many people are oblivious of these and wear their rose gold rings as they like.

So here are a few rules:

  • Your fingers will look cuter and longer when you wear oval rings. You will create the same illusion with a stretched ring. By the way, these simple thin rings also look very elegant.
  • If your fingers are short and you aren’t tall, then you have no business with big rings. You should also stay away from the big jewels. On the other hand, if you have thin and small fingers, lighter rings should be your choice.
  • Whoever knew that time and wearing your finger ring sets had a relationship? You probably didn’t know that you aren’t supposed to wear a big or catchy ring before 5 pm. Now you know this so it’s best you consider this, especially when you are wearing something expensive.
  • Having neat nails add a lot of beauty to your finger jewelry. Groom your nails and fingers using the appropriate creams.
  • Don’t wear too many rings on the same finger. Do you want to know why? It paints the picture that you are impolite or you have bad manners. First impressions matter a lot and you don’t want to make a bad one.

We hope these rules will help you when next you wear your finger jewelry. Now we can look at what rings mean on each finger.

Rings worn on the thumb

According to ancient Greek mythology, the thumb was a symbol of masculinity, power, and strength. This was what it meant to wear a ring on the thumb at that time.

These days, the tide may have turned. When you wear a ring on your thumb it means you are seeking self-assurance in every way possible. This doesn’t exclude sexually and it is especially true about men.

When women wear rose gold rings on their thumbs, they are showing off their manly traits. Some of these traits include hot temper, stubbornness, and persistence. This doesn’t rule out the part of being insecure and some level of dissatisfaction in intimacy.

If you take a poll, you’d notice that women who wear rings on their thumbs aren’t traditional with their sexuality. Though not all, but most.

Rose gold rings worn on the index finger

People who wear simple thin rings on their index fingers show off a desire for power. This doesn’t leave out aspects of character, one of which is discretion. All of these are for the index finger on the right hand.

How about the left? It may show that you long to be a different person from who you are currently. Then there’s the relationship to megalomania as well as an inclination towards hysteria. Mind you, wearing a ring on your left index finger shows an innate ability for being a ruler.

If you are a fan of yin and yang, let’s tell you what it means in this regard. Wearing a ring on your yin index tells of a desire to lead. Wearing it on the yang index finger shows that you are a great follower and love to be guided.

Rings worn on the middle finger

If you desire to show off your finger ring sets, then the middle finger is your best option. Psychologists actually believe that rather than showing off the ring, you want to also show off yourself. This notion isn’t false most of the time.

Do you remember Marilyn Monroe’s music video about diamonds? She wore her ring on the middle finger, where it was most obvious. Wear your ring on this finger and you make everyone around know how irresistible you are.

Another thing this act reveals is your belief in magic and fate. If you wear a ring on your yin middle finger, it means you have a discerning mind. You are able to tell what is right from what is wrong. Wearing it on the yang finger speaks of your nature of seeking guidance from other people.

Rose gold rings worn on the ring finger

Many people can already tell what wearing rose gold rings on the ring finger symbolize. Yes, it tells of your family status. Ancient Egyptian folklore gives an explanation as to why we wear nuptial rings on this finger.

The belief states that there’s a nerve that travels all the way from your ring finger to the heart. If you aren’t married and you wear your simple thin rings on this finger, it shows you want a change. Yeah right, a change in marital status, a publication that is mostly subconscious.

Just so you know, wearing a ring on your left ring finger implies widowhood or divorce. We bet you didn’t know that.

Rings worn on the pinky

When you do this, it shows an extraordinary nature. It shows off creativity and artistry as well as persuasiveness and eloquence.

Wearing your finger ring sets on this finger also shows that a person may be cunning or resourceful. Added to this, there is a belief that people wearing their rings on this finger are diplomatic. This is a great ingredient for success.

When you wear your ring on the yin pinky, then it shows you are a good communicator. On the other hand, simple thin rings on your yang pinky show you are a good listener.


Now you know what wearing your rose gold rings on each finger means. This should make you wear your finger ring sets more appropriately from now on. Share your own beliefs with us in the comments section.

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