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Using the Perfect Colorshift Egg Timer


Eggs are simply amazing sources of protein that many people enjoy eating either soft boiled, medium boiled, or hard-boiled. However, getting them to be perfect can be a little tricky and may not be easy without an egg timer. You will need the Perfect Colorshift Egg Timer to help you reach the perfect egg nirvana.(Know More:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_timer)

What is the Perfect Colorshift Egg Timer

The Perfect Colorshift Egg Timer is an amazing kitchen tool that you throw into the pot along with your eggs. This egg timer is sensitive to temperature and will let you know when your egg is soft, medium or hard-boiled. Simply drop the perfect egg timer in a pot of boiling water with your eggs, and watch it change color.

With this timer, there will be no need for second-guessing or experimenting with eggs. You will know through the clear line markers whether your egg is cooked to the right nirvana or not.

The sensor inside the egg timer will take a couple of factors into account in order to ensure accuracy. Factors to be taken into account include the number of eggs inside the pot, and the altitude of your location. The amount of water in the pot and the temperature of the water will also be considered.

Why You Need the Perfect Colorshift Egg Timer

Despite the fact that eggs are universally available and enjoyed, messing them up is very easy. Boiling eggs is one of the most fundamental aspects of cooking and one of the first lessons we are taught. In theory, boiling an egg is the easiest task to do, but in reality, it is very tricky.

As simple as it looks in a plate, it is hard enough to get a classy poach without foiling it. It is not unheard of to crack your assumedly hard-boiled egg, only to have its contents go squishy and messy.

If you have, at some point, had to deal with such egg disasters, you need the Perfect Colorshift Egg Timer. It comes in the shape of an egg with the same thermal conductance that a normal egg has. It is made of CE-certified environmentally friendly resin and does not require washing or preparation before and after use.

How it Works

The egg timer works every time to prevent you from having numerous egg-related kitchen disasters. Here is an outline of how this fantastic timer works:

  • Fill about ¾ of your pot with medium temperature clean water.
  • Place your egg timer to nestle along with the other normal eggs into the pot.
  • Place this pot on the top of the stove with medium flame.
  • Allow the water to boil.
  • When it starts to heat up, the central disc of the timer will start to darken. The edges of the egg timer will gradually start getting white while it moves to a line indicating “soft boiled”. If you want soft boiled eggs, you can take out all the eggs at this point. If not, allow the eggs to continue cooking.
  • As the colorshift egg timer continues turning white, it will reach a line indicating “Medium boiled”. If you want medium-boiled eggs, you can take out all the eggs at this point. Otherwise, allow the eggs to continue to cook.
  • When the timer turns white until it reaches a line that indicates “Hardboiled”, removes your pot from heat. Take out all your eggs and also the timer. You can place the timer on your countertop without having to wash or dismantle it.
  • Run your eggs through the cold water so that they will stop cooking.
  • Peel the eggs and eat them exactly the way you like them.
  • Meanwhile, the timer will continue to change to its original color when it returns to room temperature. This timer can dry up on its own and be ready to reuse immediately after it gets cool.

Advantages of Using Perfect Colorshift Egg Timer

Here are some of the advantages of using this timer when boiling your eggs:

  • This timer is easy to clean. Safe for use in a dishwasher if you feel you need to wash it. However, it does not really require washing.
  • It is made of eco-friendly resin so it will not react with your eggs in any way. There are no toxins in it that could contaminate your eggs or threaten your health.
  • It is very easy to use and does not require a user manual or guide. You simply have to drop it into your water along with your eggs, watch it change color, then remove it.
  • Sized quite similar to a regular egg. This timer measures 2 inches in width, 1 inch in-depth, and 1.5 inches in height. Hence, it is not bulky and will not occupy too much space in the pot.
  • Also quite lightweight and easy to carry along with you in a small bag.
  • Additionally, this timer is inexpensive so you can buy a few more for your family members and friends.
  • It is also safe for kids to use so they can boil their eggs by themselves without using a timer.
  • Another advantage is that this timer is very easy to read. The indicators are clear enough for you to see through the hot water without removing it from the pot.


  • Also, this timer is durable and can last long with constant use. It can last for a couple of years even when used every day.
  • It is also easy to store. You can simply place it somewhere on your counter or in a kitchen bowl for easy accessibility.
  • More so, it uses temperature to gauge the consistency of a boiled egg, unlike other timers that use time. Instead of tracking minutes, you can just look at the indicator to know whether your egg is ready or not.

Final Thoughts

The ability to cook the perfect boiled egg every single time brings about a rewarding feel. The fact that you have no way of knowing if your egg has cooked to perfection without removing the shell. However, once you peel the shell, you cannot go back to unpeel or recook it.

Hence, the many tutorials on cooking the perfect egg with runny, jammy, or firm yolks may not cut it. The Perfect Colorshift Egg Timer takes away the guesswork and old lady’s tales for boiling eggs.

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