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Who We Are?

Over the past few years, we have explored what it is the average human looks for in Consumer Products. Using the results from our research, we birthed TRENDEBUT, an ecommerce store dedicated to providing affordable, functional and safe consumer goods. We are a company that believes in providing solutions to the needs of every individual with our products.

What We Offer

We call ourselves the leading industry e-commerce company, not only because of our product offering but because we have a team dedicated to this vision. With our team of e-commerce support agents, we are always on top of ensuring you enjoy a smooth online shopping experience.

Our products cover:


A simple act that fulfils a key life requirement (food) and provides pleasure at the same time is cooking. However, this act is only enjoyable when you have the right tools.

We can say from experience that an apple pie only cooks properly in the right baking pan. What about that pasta sauce that when cooked in the wrong saucepan can lead to splatters everywhere? That is why it is essential to do the occasional cookware replacements so you can have the right tools to cook to your pleasure.
Here at Trendebut, we have on sale; saucepans, woks, steamers, Dutch ovens, skillets and pasta pots. Our cookware is made from a range of materials from stainless steel, to iron and copper.
Regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur chef, at Trendebut, you’re bound to come across specialty pots and pans perfect for that little bit of modern day or old school cooking. You want to go the Asian, Italian, Indian or English way? We have you covered.
Remember – adding two or three new cookware options to your kitchen can make a whole world of difference to your cooking. We would be glad to help you with that!

Dining & Entertaining

Do you entertain often or find yourself cooking for family members? We have you covered here at Trendebut.
Need dinner sets that make your food look eye catching? Then check out our plates, bowls and flatware set. We have stoneware and earthenware for everyday use and are sure to last long. For your more formal occasions, you might want more refined tableware like fine china or porcelain.
We also ensure that our dishware descriptions come with the tags that tell you whether they are microwave-oven safe or dishwasher safe.
For flatware, we know that stainless steel is often the preferred choice for everyday use. While in formal settings you might want something silver plated. Our flatware sets come with the necessary tools (forks, spoons and knives) for each course.
Let’s also not forget about drinkware from your wine flutes, to your beverage mugs. You can count on Trendebut for the best prices on everything you need for dining and entertaining.


Whether big or small, kitchen appliances play a huge part in helping to create the meals that feed you and your loved ones. These meals are what give you and your family a perfect avenue to sit around the dining table and discuss happenings in your lives.

So, what is that meal you plan on making? Toast? Tea? Rice or Smoothie? We have the right appliances for them all.
We have the right blenders, juicers, and food processors to help you with your brewing, mixing, chopping and dicing. Need products that can take a dish from raw to finished with little to no input from you? Check out our mix of toasters, pressure cookers, slow cookers and rice cookers.
Tired of always cooking? Why not reheat previously cooked food or order takeaway and heat it up with one of our microwaves?
Want to try your hand at brewing? We have a wide array of expresso machines, coffee and tea mixers for you to choose from. If you also have a profound love for grilling, then you will want to look at our oven and grill options.
So, whether it is baking, grilling, mixing or slow cooking, Trendebut is your first choice for kitchen appliances.


Nothing smells as good as the aroma emanating from freshly baked goods, and high-quality bakeware from Trendebut can help you with the creation of delicious snacks and tangy desserts. From our range of baking sheets to baking pans, we are your one stop shop for all the equipment needed to create delectable baked goods.

For your bakeware needs, you can choose from our cake pans, pizza pans and stones, muffin tins, cookie sheets and loaf pans to give yourself the much-needed options for baking. Our bakeware can be used to store or serve the goods you baked just the way you cooked them. They are also quite easy to clean.
Apart from staple bakeware, we also offer the accessories that can help glam up your baked goods. From cute cookie cutters, to baking molds and cake decorating kits.
Whether you are making European-themed desserts, Asian treats or classic African delicacies, our bakeware can make them look like works of art.

Kitchen & Table Linen

We know that the best way to maintain your kitchen and dining tables is to put in place protective coverings. If you need table covers for your kitchen and dining table, we have you covered here at Trendebut! From fancy linens for the occasional special dinners to everyday table coverings.

If you’re looking for a wide range of tablecloth selections, we offer authentic linens that are available in diverse sizes and texture. Our table linen materials range from linen, silk, to cotton.
Regardless of whether you need the linens for personal use, a party or post pictures as a food blogger, we are certain that you’ll find the best one for you.
Apart from table linens, we also offer table sets, placemats, dish towels and table runners that are of high quality. The best part is that they are set at a cost that is affordable to all. No one offers the best prices on table linens like we do here at Trendebut.

Utensils & Gadgets

One of the most vital rooms in the home is the kitchen. It is the place for love and laughter and where the average individual goes to fulfil one of life’s necessities – feed. Whether you are cooking for one or for a loved one or family members, the Trendebut Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets Store has what you require to create that perfect meal.

Do you need baking tools, to help ensure you’re measuring right or cooking at the right temperature? We have thermometers, baking probes and measuring tools to help you with this. Want the utensils and gadgets in a specific color or worried about the material grade? We have choices for you to pick from.
Once you identify what you need, you can go through the reviews and recommendations of past customers to make an informed decision.

Storage & Organization

What could possibly be more daunting than organizing your kitchen in an ordered manner? Owning storage units is essential to maintaining order in every room of the home. With them, you can store your various Knick knacks and have an orderly system in place to identify where they are.

With some strategic storage items, you can make sure you are getting the most space out of your kitchen. From wine racks, spice racks, food storage, pantry cabinet to kitchen canisters, we have you covered here at Trendebut.
Our wine racks ensure you have a dedicated space to store that lovely red or white wine. With our spice racks, you can easily reach for spices of your choice while you cook.

We Believe in a Wonderful Shopping Experience

For us at TRENDEBUT, we believe every individual has unique needs. We celebrate that uniqueness by ensuring that our platform offers a wide selection of products. Go all out to browse through our offerings, and you’re sure to check out something that satisfies your need. 


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